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FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) -- Moldova VS Scotland Picks & Game Preview

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FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) -- Moldova VS Scotland

Kick Off: 11/12/2021 13:00

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FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) -- Moldova VS Scotland Picks & Game Preview



For Moldova, the rest of the games are just entertainment. After all, they have long missed the world cup in advance because of their poor performance. After eight rounds, they are not only difficult to win, but also almost lost the games. Now they are at the bottom of the group with only one point, In addition, the full back Oleg Reabciuk was unfortunately received the red card again, which caused more and more damage to Moldova.



FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) -- Moldova VS Scotland Picks & Game Preview




Scotland did quite well in this year's world cup qualifier. After successfully winning the Faroe Islands in the last round, the team have achieved a wave of four consecutive victories. With this wave of offense, the team's total points have reached 17, four points ahead of Israel behind. As long as Scotland can continue to win this game, they can lock the second seat in the group in advance, In view of the team's recent good state and the excellent performance of the main striker Dykes, who has successively broken the door of Moldova, Austria and Israel. It is not difficult for them to win five consecutive victories if they can play stably.



The strength gap between the two sides in this game is still very wide. Moreover, Scotland is now in their heyday. The attack of them is smooth and the defense is stable. There is basically no problem for Scotland to win this game. It depends on how many goals they can win.



Pick: Scotland

Final Results: 0-2, 0-3




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